Welcome to myPISD.net


myPISD.net is a computer software desktop for students and staff.  Students and staff are automatically delivered school and class information that is relevant to them when they connect at school or at home.  Students view web pages specifically prepared for them by their teachers. These pages may contain calendars, important class files, assignments, informational bulletins, curriculum materials presented in class and a wide range of other electronic items.  Students can communicate and collaborate with their peers and teachers via online forums and discussions, and can submit their work electronically when appropriate. 

Access for Parents: The newly designed Plano ISD Parent Portal is now available. In addition to providing direct access to our Parent Viewer information (grades/attendance) as we have in the past, the new Parent Portal is being developed to eventually serve as the primary resource for all of the services provided online to our parents. This site gives you direct access into your child's classroom information, districtwide information and links to other often used services.
Register for PISD's Parent Portal at http://parent.mypisd.net/ .
Access from Home for Students: Students can also access this desktop from home by connecting to http://schoolname.mypisd.net ( http://PSHS.mypisd.net ) . The students use the same login and password that they use when logging into the network at school. The myclasses page contains a list of the studentís classes as well as up-to-date grade information that a teacher has posted.

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